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Parishioners will receive envelopes four times per year with our quarterly program. This system is great for parishes who are trying to transition from boxed sets to periodic mailings.

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Have offering envelopes conveniently mailed directly to your parishioners' homes.

Mailing envelopes on a regular basis is proven to increase the amount of parishioners who contribute to offertory collections as well as the amount of total contributions collected.

Our versatility allows envelope mailings to be used as a communication tool, stewardship reinforcement and evangelization outreach. Get the most out of your offering envelope program with Haber Church Envelopes.

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"Thanks for turning around our order very quickly and thanks for the tour of your operation. I was truly impressed with what Marcel has accomplished in his specialty. To have loyalty in today's market is key. Haber has created that in spades. My highlight was the mseeing that technology does not run all of the world. I will forward the cheque for this order back early next week and include authorization for the 2014 envelopes as well. Continued success with business. I only wish I knew how to turn off the music on your website. I left it on overnight and couldn't figure out where some interesting sounds were emanating from in my house. Blessings,"

- Tim