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Founder of Haber Church Envelopes Inc. Toronto

Haber Church Envelopes Inc. is a leading Canadian supplier of church envelopes to provinces coast to coast across Canada and internationally for the past many years providing excellent quality of envelopes and printing combined with outstanding service at the most competitive prices.

I am proud to say that I supply donation envelopes to over 95% of the churches under the Archdioces of Toronto and the clientele I have built over the years have in turn helped the company expand entirely on their word of mouth and goodwill...

In the following pages you can get detailed information about my products and services along with beautiful sample pictures of our envelopes. The Sunday box set consists of 52 white (or sometimes coloured) customised Offering envelopes, numbered on both sides and dated for each Sunday of the year along with the required specials collection envelopes in an assortment of colours. These are packed in a window box, serially 20 in a tray for easy labelling and display. A variety of colour paper is available to choose from for special collection envelopes and every year the colour of the ink used for printing is changed at no extra cost to distinguish each year's donation envelopes.

Besides English, we can also provide envelopes in French and other foreign languages as well as Bi-Lingual. (Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Greek, Ukrainian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese to name a few). In addition to box sets, we also supply special bulk envelopes in boxes of 500 or 1000 for Christmas, Easter, All Souls, Children’s envelopes, Visitors, Special Offering, St. Vincent de Paul, Diaster Relief, Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Christmas and Easter Flowers etc. to name a few) and other special events.

Customised bulk envelopes for donation towards maintenance, renovation, restoration and mortagage funds and other such special causes can also be easily made available in bulk or as part of the box sets. We follow a flexible delivery schedule with due consideration to the customer's needs when planning delivery and the customer is always notified in advance to help them make the necessary arrangements.

From our very humble beginnings to currently selling over 4.5 million envelopes per month all over Canada and abroad, is a true testament of the unfaltering loyalty and support of all my clients for the past many years and for that, I am eternally grateful!!!

About Haber Church

St. Peter and Paul in Nadur, Gozo. This church is the most beautiful one in the country. The priests are very friendly and there is a service every hour. Its significance to our business is lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In sollicitudin, nibh nec interdum volutpat, quam elit lacinia dui, et scelerisque.


The Environment is something that Haber Church Envelopes is committed to protecting. The future of our planet and the planet of our children should be very high on our priority list. That’s why Haber Church Envelopes has, over the last 8 months, introduced water-wash plate making equipment. By eliminating all solvent processed plate making from our facility and replacing it with water processed equipment, we now no longer introduce any harsh chemicals into our environment. Haber Church is proud of our committment to the environment. Please insist on dealing with environmentally conscious companies.


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